Blog2009 ≫ Boy's birth by twitter

Might come back and update this one with more details...

I was twittering from my phone from the hospital. Could not see any of the replies or even if my messages were getting out there... Might come back and add to this post, fill in the details and reorder this... then again might not, can see me bit busy.

I'm at home again today, had to leave Clare and the boy at the hospital, she's on a ward again and I'm not allowed to stay. They are both doing amazingly well, they are both brilliant, I am so happy.

A baby boy born 2.44am after every procedure known to science. All doing well!about 17 hours ago from txt

Even the drip didn't do it, clare's hardly noticing the contractions now. Doctor on the way now to try doctorly things about 19 hours ago from txt

Thought we got away with it but now having the drip to boost the contractions. Sorry i can't read yr comments til i get home about 20 hours ago from txt

Still in labour about 21 hours ago from txt

Birth is underway!about 22 hours ago from txt

Have cracked open the TENS machine, for clare not me. Not sure if these are contractions or not... 7:57 PM Jun 7th from txt

Delayed second round of prostin (sp?) has brought discomfort but not labour. Might be days more of this before they go to the drip 5:50 PM Jun 7th from txt

More action in the next room, nurse just said to midwife 'lady wants her bowels open'. 3:58 PM Jun 7th from txt

Nothing from the first go of inducing, waiting on another try, wondering if we'll even have time for that today. No end in site 3:52 PM Jun 7th from txt

Done the hospital canteen, now back to the cafe. Lady in next bed seems to be racing ahead. 2:13 PM Jun 7th from txt

Clare's off the monitor for a bit so having a walk round. Cafe not even open yet, on to the packed lunch. Nice and sunny here now 10:35 AM Jun 7th from txt

Been at the hospital for an hour, nothing doing yet. Can hear baby's heartbeat on the monitor.8:35 AM Jun 7th from txt

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