Blog2009 ≫ I'm losing count now

Is it due day plus TWELVE already?

Is it due day plus TWELVE? Obviously no movement yet, I'd have been on here singing about it if anything had happened in the night. We've got exactly forty eight hours for our little baby to turn up of his own accord, and we can still go to the birthing centre and do it all as planned. If not, we're off to the hospital for him to be induced out. Curry for tea again, just in case it does anything at all, I suspect these facts about certain food types to be just coincidental though. People eat pineapple and curry when they are heavily pregnant / overdue and WHAT DO YOU KNOW, a bloomin' baby comes out! I think maybe the being pregnant / overdue is the major factor in the baby coming at that time.

Thanks to whoever just bought all those Derren Brown tickets. Not related, but I can invest commission to pay a term of school fees or something.

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