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Woo, after my call for tickets there is a full tour including Portsmouth

Woo, after my call for tickets for Ricky Gervais (my sister was very keen to see him in Winchester) there is a full tour including Portsmouth Guildhall (6th, 7th, and 8th of October). So that works out well for everyone then! He's also doing Glasgow, Oxford, Newcastle, Ipswich, Manchester, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Sheffield, Blackpool, and Brighton. JESUS, BLACKPOOL, NO! No London dates yet, guessing it will be a residency at the O2 eventually though...

Not available on ticketmaster yet but lots on

Is it time to tell my story of how Ricky Gervais told me I was the first person ever to recognise him, or of that pub warmup gig we went to yet?

Get Ricky Gervais tickets here1...

💬 Oh yeah Ricky Gervais tickets available now

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