Blog2009 ≫ Nircom Babysense ll Movement/Sound Monitor

@itchypaws recommends (I think), any opinions?

Buying one of these1 as it was strongly recommended. Thought at first this baby monitor might be just another of those things cashing in on the paranoia of the new parent but it's been recommended by a trusted friend so we're in!

Trusted friend, if I have gone wrong and this is not the same monitor you were on about, please chip in!

I nearly wrote "baby minotaur" there (well baby minotor) I hope that's not what we're having.

A lovely evening, but as we're going out tomorrow we're staying in tonight. Just been to Waitrose and they had Peter Lehmann2 and
Torres Via Esmeralda3 vino collapso on special so that's me set. I expect there's still some squash around for Clare.

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