Blog2009 ≫ Hmm weird SOLID OAK FLOORING based email scam?

Got a WEIRD email, spam, or mistake?

What's this all about? Arrived in my inbox though not addressed to me, what's going on?

No link or anything in the mail, unless there was some dodgy stuff and gmail stripped it out. Anyone else seen this?

Dear sir/mm, I am sending you this e-mail with greetings to you and your whole company. My name is Mr.Robert Staurt I would like to make an inquiry based on your Solid Oak Flooring. I would like for you to give me the price for the following size.

 Solid Oak Flooring 140 X 20/19mm Solid Tongue Tasmanian Oak
 SOLID OAK OGEE ARCHITRAVE 18mm x 68mm x 2.1m

If you do I want you to kindly get back at me at your earliest time with the price for the products because I need the order for these Solid Oak Flooring to be placed as soon as possible. I will look forward hearing from you as soon as possible with the price for the Solid Oak Flooring. Thank you very much... Mr.Robert Staurt

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