More lineup info for Red List Live

FG ≫ 2009 ≫ More lineup info for Red List Live

Vic Reeves is on the lineup, and lots of ageing punks

See the official lineup1, lots of ageing punks! Can't see this being much of a draw for the young people, but perhaps that's the plan..?

Red List Stage

* The Wombats
* The Zutons
* Klaus Says Buy The Record
* Lights Go Blue
* Longview

RLL Roar Alternative Tent

* British Sea Power
* Archie Bronson Outfit
* White Rose Movement
* Wojtek Godzisz
* 65 Days of Static

Red List Live Concrete Jungle Stage

* The Damned
* The Undertones
* [The Wedding Present](/wiki/#wedding/present)
* The Alarm
* UK Subs
* Strawberry Blondes
* One Way System
* The Duel
* [Funeral](/wiki/#funeral) Dress
* The Exposed
* Deadline
* Nick Toczek
* The Gonads
* Drogos for [Europe](/wiki/#europe)
* Peter and the Test [Tube](/wiki/#tube) Babies
* Debutant Disco
* Blank Generation
* Argy Bargy
* Dead Pets
* Middle Finger Salute
* The Crack
* Urban Scum
* Dun 2 Def
* Spizzenergi
* Conflict

Vic Reeves is in that lineup somewhere too, and lots of unsigned acts.

[s]Definitely looks like it says 9 - 21 June here, think that's a layout issue though, guessing it is the 19th - 21st...[/s] red list live have been in touch to say they definitely have not cocked up their website, there must be something wrong with my software (um, that will be firefox then).

💬 Don't think I'll bother posting any more lineup info for Red List Live

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