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Stone Roses 2.0! Reunion? Hope it's not at the #O2 #stoneroses

Read about it here at, rather than on The Mirror where they got it from1... It makes sense, but it's probably nonsense. If it is true, I hope they don't play the O2.

Madchester Reunited1 though, that is a good headline. I think they came up with the headline first and made up the story around it...

I only saw the Stone Roses once, [at Reading](/gig/1996/08/23/reading" title="Reading Festival 1996), without John Squire. Tsk, like seeing Take That without Robbie Williams*. I have seen all of the band in their various solo and other collaborative incarnations (the Stone Roses, not Take That). [Reni's was definitely the worst](/gig/2001/03/23/the-rub" title="Aye, there's The Rub).

(* which I also did).

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