Blog2009 ≫ How do I geocode my photos automatically for free?

Got my #GPS log, but can't find my software...

I have this GPS device1, so I have a full log tracking our every move around Rome (apart from the times we were indoors or in fact anywhere near any kind of building at all, stupid GPS1). BUT, I have lost the software! I want some more software that takes that GPS log, compares it to the timestamps of my photos and video, and mashes the two together. All the how-to's I've seen seem to be based on fairly primitive ideas of updating it all by hand...

Looks like I can do it with a free trial of pictomio.com2, or maybe with gpsed.com3 but I'm not entirely convinced, and a trial is no long term solution anywhere... is there something good and free out there that will do this? If I could find the disk for Sony's "Image Tracker", that does the job just fine. Buying another new camera or a new GPS is no solution either. Anyone help?

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