Blog2009 ≫ Lost: bit rubbish

Bah, wrote this up earlier and then had to shut my browser and now it's all lost. I can never remember exactly the same points I had to make, nor make them as succinctly when I try a second time.

Watched the double episode series opener of Lost yesterday, and wasn't that impressed. Was quite excited by it all at first, trying to second guess what was going on, who is that character putting that record on, the one whose face we don't see, was quite into it for a good few minutes, but then got bored again. Will obviously keep watching the rest of this series and the next, and I do appreciate how they've reintroduced some old characters and mostly carried on where they left off, but I'm at one of my enthusiasm troughs really.

In on my own tonight, Clare has gone off to Escondido with Jenny, some girls only meal they had plotted, so I have stayed in cooking a couple of casseroles for the week, and scanning lostpedia.org1 for the references I missed in those first two episodes...

Hugely unprodoctive day today btw, did not make any other house plans after we missed out on one we were quite interested in, it's under some kind of secretive offer. Decided to concentrate on buying a car this weekend, but turned up for our test drive appointment to find the car we were after had sold. Bit pissed off with estate agents and car dealers this week. Stayed in Ashford anyway and had a lovely lunch at Pizza Express.

Hmm, is "trough" a real word? As in "peaks and troughs" I mean. Having one of those moments where a familiar word suddenly looks completely incromulent...

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