Blog2009 ≫ How to dismantle an Omega pool table!

Aha an answer to my question of the other day:

Thank you for your email, the dismantling of the Omega table is very simple. If you look at the base of the table you will see there are a number of holes if you put your hand inside you will be able to locate the clip fasteners that secure the top of the table to the table body. If you un fasten all these clips you will then be able to remove the top frame and cushion rails, after removing the top rail then remove the slate bed ( This is heavy so make sure you have some able body assistance ). With the slate removed tip the table body on it's side and remove the bolts that secure the legs,once this is done the table will then be ready for transportation. To reassemble the table follow the same procedure but in reverse, I hope these instructions are of help. Best wishes. Mike Yates Kingswood Leisure

Kingswood Leisure were super helpful when I bought the table too, they have lots of choice and can deliver all over the country. Think we can keep this table, even when we move, now I can dismantle / reassemble it OK, but if we were to get another one I would maybe go for a reconditioned pool table or a dining table combo...

Cheers again KWL.

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