Blog2008 ≫ Backstage at Elton John's new year's eve party...

This doesn't actually sound like a bad deal, New Year's Eve is always expensive and disappointing, how do you tickets/elton+john | best tickets for Elton John | Elton John tickets, at the 'Dome, free drinks and an after show party too? All for less than 300 quid. Regular tickets are around the hundred quid mark anyway...

*Top Price ticket located in 'A' block

*Access to the Backstage Bar located within the O2 arena

*Chef's Table style dining

*Unlimited Beer, Wine and soft drinks (pre show only)

*1 Hour Post Show Party with DJ (cash bar)

*Souvenier VIP Laminate Pass

*Event manager and hostess in attendance

Maybe if I was a richer man. I guess it's clear you will have absolutely no access to Elton John himself, but for 675 per person you get all that plus:

This exclusive package includes:

Tickets in fourth row of Block A2 / Behind the Scenes Backstage Tour including:

A walk through the Stage area

Explanation of the huge screen and video mix

The under stage quick change area

The Inflatable Scenery

The Front of House Mixer

Explanation of the piano rack

Hospitality in Backstage Bar including:

Champagne Reception

Chef's Table style dining

Inclusive Beer, Wine & soft drinks

Souvenir VIP Lanyard

Post Show party in the Backstage Bar with DJ

PLUS - The opportunity to join Elton on stage during the show !

PLEASE NOTE: This package does NOT include a meet and greet with Sir Elton John

Wonder what "the opportunity to" means, doesn't sound guaranteed, more like a raffle... Mostly the extras there seem to be a tour of the venue.

Think we're staying in and having a family dinner type thing. That's 1350 saved towards our next house.

Get Elton John tickets here1...

Get New Year's Eve tickets here1...

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