Blog2008 ≫ NME Big Gig 2009 / The Cure support acts

Support from Franz Ferdinand, Crystal Castles, and White Lies looks like. Still got tickets here!

Line up according to various sources (including last.fm1) is The Cure, Justice, Foals, and Crystal Castles so far. The supports don't seem up to the standard of last year at the moment.


Crystal Castles and White Lies will be joining headliners The Cure to play at the NME Big Gig on February 26 next year. The bands will play before Robert Smith and co's 90-minute headline set with ANOTHER huge band set to play on the bill due to be announced soon

Hmm, hope it really is a big band, probably not though.

UPDATE UPDATE: It's Franz Ferdinand!

Get The Cure tickets here2...

Get AC/DC tickets here2...

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