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Dug out my wireless camera1, to see if it could be used as a web cam - it's good quality, with sound, but more for security monitoring than sitting in front of the screen and talking. Don't think it can, but it's good to have it up and running again after about a year... It seems a little slow to respond when setting it up, like changes take a few minutes to take effect so it seems like it's not working correctly occasionally, but I got there. Even my old dyndns account was still running so hopefully I'll be able to use the camera from work today, and maybe give the address out so you can monitor my home security for me.

Only really had problems with one bit of it, and that's the "send an email on motion detect", one of the main features of this camera1 (pointless still linking to it, I don't think you can buy it any more). You need an smtp server for your outgoing mails, your ISP certainly provides one. I hoped to use gmail, as I use it for all my mail and have never used the email address that came with BT Broadband, but insists on some encryption and an alternative port number that the camera can't cope with, so no go. In the end, some messing about changing settings and trying things it seems that at some point since I last used this BT made changes to not let you set your "from" address in your emails without authenticating that you really own that address. Definitely reasonable and I guessed this so I was already trying to send the emails from what I thought was my real bt broadband address, and what had been my real email address when I registered, let's say it's I logged on to my address and worked out it had been changed to foo@ Oh and there was a mail waiting explaining what had gone on, I didn't need to google round the houses after all.

Urgent emails you send from nonBT Yahoo! Mail addresses via our SMTP servers may be blocked

Dear Customer, You've received an Error 553 message because we've upgraded your BT Yahoo! Mail security to help prevent identity fraud and spam. These enhancements will help protect you from 'spoofing' when people use alternate addresses to disguise an email's real sender, possibly to commit fraud. Making the improvements work For the security improvements to work, we need you to take a few minutes now to verify each of the alternate email addresses you use in BT Yahoo! Mail. This will confirm that these email addresses are genuine. Please verify addresses now to avoid any further blocking of your outgoing emails. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions at You won't be asked for any personal information, but you'll need to log in to your account to make the changes.

UPDATE: I've got the theory of it anyway, but no emails sent as yet. If I suddenly get an email from the camera at work today, that will be a bad thing, as it means someone is moving about in the flat...

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