Blog2008 ≫ Some popbitch updates

Had a quiet night in last night, while Clare was out down Chambers with her bro, putting the world to rights. So, did some coding that I'd meant to do for ages, and put a new "new" feature on the popbitch board1; posts that are new since your last visit should be highlit with a 🆕 icon. It's not busy enough here to bother with that. Also updated their rss feed2, and added some new ones; "Board threads", "board replies", "question of the day answers", "Question of the day replies", and "front page stories", and I'll probably revisit and make some different feeds, and then some kind of demo that uses these feeds soon.

UPDATE: they used to be links but popbitch doesn't have them any more so I removed them.

Trying to clear some space on this computer, Found a bundle of Mark and Lard downloads, and I have no room for them, so it's back to trying to use the old linux PC as a backup device, so I can burn some of my archive to disks AND keep it on that computer. It is tending to hang if it's left transferring anything for more than about five minutes though, resulting in a hard reset, piece of crap...

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