Blog2008 ≫ popbitch redesign and contest!

See the contest on the homepage1, don't enter it though, I want to win! If you really want a Gibson Les Paul, make a video and win a Slash limited edition2.

Everyone hates the new design. It's not my design, it's not really anyone's any more, bits have been chopped and changed so much, this has been years in the making. The bigger changes are back end, but even they're not that big. I must do something with their rss feed3, add some more feeds and things. It might be best to just chuck them out there, see what people do with them, and then steal the best ideas for the site! I need to do some funky things like they did with digg.com4, popbitch1 was never so different from that really.

UPDATE: do either of those really work? Are they up to date? my RSS is really here...

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