Blog2008 ≫ Could be dreadful

A review of the US remake of Spaced. Well, a review of the script. It's being remade without the cooperation of the original creative team of Simon Pegg, Jessica Stevenson and Edgar Wright, seemingly it went ahead without their knowledge. Simon Pegg said:

My main problem with the notion of a Spaced remake is the sheer lack of respect that Granada / Wonderland / Warner Bros have displayed in respectively selling out and appropriating our ideas without even letting us know. A decision I can only presume was made as a way of avoiding having to give us any money, whilst at the same time using mine and Edgars name in their press release, in order to trade on the success of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, even professing, as Peter Johnson did, to being a big fan of the show and its creators.

(Is that a grocer's apostrophe at the end there? SIC)

It could be so, so bad, but we'll wait and see. Let's remember how it used to be:

Via, though I don't think this news is very new.

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