Blog2008 ≫ Remembering XFM

Was surprised earlier to realise that the original XFM only lasted for about a year, before being shut down and messed up by Capital. Yes we've been listening to more Ricky Gervais, still haven't found any really early shows. I'll post up a list of what I do have soon maybe. This XFM bio1 sums it all up, and this bit brought back memories:

Listeners revolted, and figures plummeted to below 200,000. A delegation of listeners met David Mansfield and Richard Park to air their concerns, and a 500-strong group protested in Leicester Square on 10 October. Capital was so worried about the demonstration, it was rumoured it had moved its stations to a studio outside London for the afternoon.

Hey, I was one of those 500!

Playing Frets On Fire2 again today, looking for some easy songs though, easier than this one anyway:

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