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Do you have any? Been listening to lots of Ricky Gervais recently, old radio shows from XFM1, and they're great (if repetitive). Now we want more, and we want earlier. The oldest show we have is from November 10th 2001, which I think was an officially sanctioned and downloaded one from but surely someone out there has some earlier taped-off-the-radio stuff? By my reckoning there's at least another four years of stuff before that.

Ricky Gervais / Stephen / Karl, if you're out there, or anyone from XFM, please raid the archives for me, I'm sure radio stations have to keep recordings of everything. In return I can point you towards a copy of some hard to find comedy like Asylym, or even tell you my anecdote about Ricky Gervais telling me at ULU I was the first person who had ever recognised him.

Um, I just already told most of the anecdote actually, but please get in touch if you have old shows.

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