Mothers day update from The George in Rye

FG ≫ 2008 ≫ Mothers day update from The George in Rye

Mothers Day is nearly here. If you haven't sorted anything out yet, fear not: we're hosting a Mothering Sunday Lunch at The George in Rye.

Your mum will feel like royalty and you can all enjoy a lovely menu from our head chef Rod, full of the promises of spring. Here's the full menu, which might tempt you:


Roast butternut squash soup with herb crme fraiche

Beetroot and rocket salad with marinated feta cheese

Seared Rye Bay scallops with cauliflower pure & crispy capers

Nicola potato, carrot, apple & sweet herbs salad with mustard mayonnaise

Butterflied sardines stuffed with herbs & cumin & rocket salad

Main course

Roast forerib with Yorkshire pudding & Roast Vegetables

Roasted leg of Romney Marsh lamb with cauliflower dauphinoise

Char grilled monkfish with lemon mashed potato & Nioise olive sauce

Cannelloni stuffed with wilted spinach and ricotta & fresh tomato sauce

Roasted Pork loin with warm Nicola Potato salad & apple sauce


Homemade Seville orange ice cream

Chocolate & Apricot tart

Apple tart with crme fraiche

[s]rhubard[/s]RHUBARB & almond tart

Homemade Saffron ice cream

Cheese board

Sunday Lunch is only 25 per head, and if you reply to this email, we'll include a glass of Sparkling English Wine for your mum, for free.

If you're on the lookout for an unusual present for your mum as well, pop into our main reception where we sell hand-knitted lavender heart pillows (pictured), and beautiful Fig-scented room oils from Dr Vranjes.

Best Wishes

Alex and Katie Clarke

The George in Rye

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