Blog2008 ≫ You had to outdo us didn't you, rest of the country?

We were trumped, this earthquake centred in Lincolnshire was magnitude 5.3, which slays our earthquake (magnitude 4.3) that we had last year.

Two reports from friends in the relative vicinity, just so I can feel I'm joining in:

Yeah it was nuts - we both woke up and I lept out of bed half asleep yet knowing something "not right" was going on. Then it stopped and I couldn't figure out in my sleepy brain what had happened and just stood in the middle of the room going "whawhassat??". Then decided it was "probably an earthquake" and went back to bed.

I TOO enjoyed an earthquake at a couple of minutes to one. For once, I was asleep early, and it was a bloody scary way to wake up. Then I just got annoyed cos the shaking had made the wardrobe open, and i couldn't be arsed to get up and shut it. So I went back to sleep and had a dream about earthquakes. Seriously. Thus, I woke up not knowing if the earthquake had happened or not. Which is a sentence you find yourself typing far too rarely... The early news reports indicate that the earthquake was much stronger in Derby than it was in Leicester, much like Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodles.

We've seen my photo now in the interactive display at Bouverie Place, it's not that impressive, for one thing I'm not the only picture used to represent Sandgate Road. Worth a look though I suppose, some entries have sound and things too.


💬 They properly out did you

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