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Had a lovely weekend, disastrous in terms of house hunting, but great in every other ways. We didn't get to see any houses this weekend, there don't seem to be any on the market really that fit our requirements. We saw a couple of new houses online that we thought might do, but we've completely failed to get appointments to view. Went to Canterbury anyway, had lunch at Zizzi and a couple of drinks and a game of Trivial Pursuit in The Dolphin. Lunch was good, to start with anyway, but then I think there was a shift change and we felt a bit forgotten. When a half-banshee baby started howling in the next room we got a bit bored of our long relaxing lunch, did a tiny bit of shopping and retired to The Dolphin for an hour or so's sit down. We took some nice treats for tea home with us, watched the rugby and generally had a very nice day.

Sunday usual, maybe got up a bit earlier than usual and spent slightly less time cleaning than we might normally have done, but we still fitted in shopping, visiting, and plenty of eating and telly. Had a very nice bottle of wine, from Tesco, called Fatted Otter1. Of course I bought it because of the name, but it was great. Good eating all weekend really, I even fired up the chip pan on three separate occasions. It's nice to feel you really achieved something.


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