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Nah, I'm afraid the station took a bit of a battering (DDOS attack) from a bunch of Turkish hackers who for no obvious reason took a dislike to the station website. They went after who they thought was our ISP & ended up taking out internet access for the SE govt for a day or so! Apparently there was traffic from over 90,000 independent IP addresses. Hmm, I think they rented a bot-net. I can only think that our light hearted banter suggesting they were better off getting girlfriends & leaving our website alone must have really pissed them off. I dunno.

After that, we sorta lost a bit of enthusiasm & when my friend running the server returned to the UK that was the final nail in the coffin. Ah well, it was fun for a couple of years. Most people that tuned in, listened for ages (av. listen time was about 3 hrs ;) but in the current climate it's virtually impossible to run an exclusively internet station & not lose money. That's not to mention the bill that's currently before congress that's set to put all current broadcasters that are still in business, out of action. That'll leave TimeWarner etc etc to move in & mop up.

looking forward to seeing what you've been up to !

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