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⬆️This is dangerous for Dave and also illegal

I think the way the dolphin is being treated is absolutely disgraceful!!!! People have no consideration for the dolphin and are purely out for self gain to say they swam with a dolphin! I think its so selfish! The fate for solitary dolphins is always a bleak one, and the reason for this is down to humans! No-one fully knows why some dolphins appear on their own, but it is certain that if people continue as they are doing Dave will become reliant on people for interaction and social stimulation! The more this happens the harder it is for the dolphin to fend for itself, also people may go too far and start to feed it and one day he will trust the wrong person, or get hit by a propeller of a boat and that will be the end of such a beautiful creature!

I walked along to where Dave was today and I was ashamed to be human. There was about 300-500 people all crowded on the waters edge all watching him and every time he came up everyone screamed and ran to the waters edge like he was some sort of amusement thing! People were getting in the water and he was coming up to them, i watched from a distance and walked away coz it upset me too much. If it carries on he will die, and it will be everybodys fault that has gone near him and encouraged him! i think its such a privilege to have a dolphin on our coast and I understand people want to see him, as I do, but why do people have to act in such a selfish and irresponsible manner!? Why do they have to spoil it? People have forgotten he is a wild animal and he needs respect!!

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