Blog2007 ≫ Happy actual new year

Ours was very good, all went according to plan.

Back at work today, seemingly for a one off so got a regular day ticket, that's thirty seven pounds fifty I won't see again. Happy new price rises South Eastern Trains! Plus I needed two goes on the tube, another eight quid, or only three pounds if I agree to let THE MAN monitor my every move - better known as anoyster card. I've not bought many tube tickets for a while (been on a regular weekly travel card for the past couple of months), so I'd forgotten how huge the difference was. It seems a bit rum to me, part of getting people used to being monitored by making the pay for the privelege of not being monitored. What choice did I have? I quickly stole as many handbags as I could to make up the difference. No, I borrowed the lovely wife's emergency pay as you go oyster card, and she walked, and big brother is no wiser as to my movements today.

I've really had a lovely couple of weeks off, it was no fun to be back up at 6am this morning, and to have that whopper of a journey home again. It makes you appreciate actually being home all the more though I suppose.

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