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Right, we have this wardrobe from Habitat1, and I'm quite pleased with it, but one of the doors is bowing slightly. When the door's shut, it's slightly convexed, so the magnetic catch at the top of the door isn't always catching. The door is adjustable somehow, see here:

[image gone from here]

That's a little bolt that can be turned, and I remember from the original paperwork that came with the wardrobe that it was for just such a situation. OBVIOUSLY, I didn't really read the instructions, let alone keep them, so anyone out there know a) what this is really for, b) how this works, and c) which way do I turn it?

I've given it a bit of a tweak clockwise (if you were looking down on the top of the bolt, which you could not be, without climbing on the wardrobe, but you get what I mean) and it seems to have straightened up, but I'd still like to know how and why, if anyone can help...

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