Blog2006 ≫ Excellent 80s videos!!!

Look out linkers to excellent 80s videos, you're getting suckered. has gathered together a load of free youtube content - the idea is you link to it (and if you just copied the URL or used the default title that it has on and you'll probably keep the word "Insurance" in the link text too), then when the site has enough links to it don't be surprised when the videos are replaced with insurance ads :-(

I've seen this same content come up a few different times, at a few different URLS, including that popbitch linked to this week, doh! It's the new referer spam" and a clever new Black Hat SEO1 thing, please look out for it. Next time you bookmark or link to another collection of '80s music videos, you could be making the web a bit more rubbish.

Thankyou for listening, as a reward, here is an Bon Jovi video:

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