Blog2006 ≫ Subvert the internets!

Interesting article here1 about web privacy, this guy says (correctly) that all these cool web2.0 services are all about using us, the humble site visitors, to organise the web for the man (and give more info about ourselves than the government would ever ask for), for free:

Flickr is perhaps one of the most interesting ones. Search for 'cat', and Flickr will record the most popular photo clicked. By associating the colour and picture data within photos with keywords used to search, Yahoo (owners of flickr) is slowly building a database of human identification.

So, it's your responisibility to tag your pictures irresponsibly, add the tag "dog" to your pictures of cats and so on, don't give the man an easy ride!

Weekend report on the way, it was just so mahoosive that the write-up is going to take some organising...

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