Blog2006 ≫ Get well soon Rich

Oof, chum Richy has just been rushed into hospital. He's OK now, but will not be joining us on the stag do. Most of the party are there already (I got many texts, their first beer was at 5.14am) and Rich was the one out of four of us tomorrow who knew where we were going, had the tickets, etc. This trip is doomed!

Got friends doing Croatia research for me, this sounds handy, from BBC's H2G2 wiki type thing:

Croatia - Pijawika/Kuzlak*

Croatia was the site of one of the first vampire epidemics of the modern age. In 1672 Giure Grando, late of Khring on the Istrian peninsula, Croatia, apparently returned from the grave and caused many deaths.

Oh yeah Croatia is where we're going on this stag do. It's safe to talk about it openly now, as the stag is already there, so I guess he knows by now. I'm off to dig out the rest of my research / maps / bus numbers and things, they're more important now...

Live arrivals / departures at Split airport1 Taxi is "aviable" during the operating time of Split Airport2. There is a local bus every 20 minutes3. The airport is located 20 kilometers from Split proper4.

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