Stairway to Cash Converters

FG ≫ 2006 ≫ Stairway to Cash Converters

In between the hours of 2am on Sunday 2nd April and lunchtime of Monday 3rd April, Ashford based tribute band Led By Zeppelin had their rehearsal room broken into, and the following equipment stolen:

PA 2 x Peavey impulse 1015 1000 watt speakers1 2 x Warfdale 12" 500 watt speakers 1 x Peavey effects unit 1 x Yamaha effects unit 1 x multi verb effects unit 1 x Samson S-com stereo compressor 1 x Audio Tecknica 1400 series UHF Wireless mic system 1 x 6U rack 1 x Berringer MX 3282A 32 Channel Mixing Desk (Note we have the power supply for this) 1x JTS Drum Mic set 2 x Shure SM58 Mic's Plus various Thomman Mic leads

Bass Gear 1x 8U Custom flight case containing the following: 1 x 1/2U AKG Wireless guitar system 1 x Korg DTR2 Tuner 1 x SWR SM900 Bass Amplifier 1 x Hartke 5000 Bass Amplifier 1 x PL350 Soundcraft monitor Amplifer 1 x Emenence 2x15 600 Watt wedge monitor

Drums Gear 1x 12" Peace Paragon Tangerine Sparkle Tom 1x Peace Slim Jim Phantom Brass Snare Drum


Any help that anyone can give to recovering this equipment will be appreciated.

Any information that is given which leads to a sucessfull conviction and/or recovery of the stolen items will be rewarded. If you or anyone has information please report it to Ashford Police Station on (01233) 611055, Quoting crime ref: JZ/2312/06 Or email Paul Lawrence - Led By Zeppelin

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