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I quite enjoyed this programme last night, if you have not seen it here's a book of it1, it's about a family who obviously have a shitload of money becoming an eco commune. Generally, posh hippies make me want to kick the telly in, but this was quite good. The father Dick Strawbridge2 is a veteran of smashing things up shows like Scrapheap Challenge1. The wife is proper hippy-dippy and quite rubbish, but the aims of the family / show are good, yesterday they made an outdoor solar shower and a storage heater for the greenhouse out of old bottles. Tres Stig of the Dump1. I can't help having the feeling that as soon as the cameras are off they're back racing their 4x4s around the town centre, but still, it was nice.

Also nice was the programme on before it about the uber-posh types in the big house who were struggling to make ends meet. Hmm, I don't have much to say that's not about telly today.

Local news, well local to family and friends but not me, a one legged Fareham pensioner led police on a 24 mile low speed chase3:

Sandra Siddle, of Miller Drive, Fareham, Hants, was yesterday found guilty by a jury at Portsmouth Crown Court of dangerous driving.

The trial heard that during the chase on March 24 last year, Siddle was followed by several police cars and a police spotter plane as she ran through red lights, overtook cars on dangerous bends and mounted the kerb.

She even continued despite her front two tyres being punctured by a police stinger.

The pursuit only came to a stop when Siddle lost control and crashed into a lamppost on the A32 near Chawton, rolled over and burst into flames, the court heard.

Stuff to buy, KISS wine4, only $100 a bottle! We saw stuff like this when we were in San Francisco. Don't click that link yet though until I figure out an affilliate deal that earns me a commission... Speaking of commissions, sold 900 Def Leppard tickets thorugh popex last month!

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