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I updated Clare's PSP yesterday, it's now got a new version of it's little operating system, which you can download direct from Sony. As well as some security issues and the ability to play Windows Media files now, it's got an RSS reader too. I hope this means we can subscribe to podcasts and have the audio / video / pictures download automatically, will report back. While I'm here, Iw ill say again what a GREAT piece of kit this is, much recommended. Here are the five games we have, a slight repost from popex:

Grand Theft Auto - Liberty City Stories1. Ace, exactly like Vice City on the PS2, but all new missions, vehicles, mini games etc. A must if you liked Vice City at all.

SSX On Tour1. Again a sequel to the PS2 SSX snowboarding games. We loved these, it's new courses, new tricks, new features, and all in your hand. With GTA (above) these must be the two best PSP games around by far.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire1. Not all that so far, better for kids maybe, not explored this game much yet though.

Everybody's Golf1. This came with our bundle, it's a fun golf game. No, really, better than it sounds.

F1 Grand Prix1. No idea, haven't looked at it, it came with the bundle also.

Might be a while before we get any more, but the built in web browser is going to make this a long useful device even if we never get another game. If it can be hacked, then that's great. Here's someone who's using the PSP as a remote control for a real car2.

Please send me your recommended PSP sites

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