Blog2005 ≫ PopEx

I am number 8 in the popex charts, not done this well for a while, even though it's my game... Is this the right time for me to be dumping my good performing shares and buying Shayne Ward (x-factor winner) instead? I'm feeling in the mood for a gamble today, can't see it being terribly risky though...

Ah man, is down! Now I've forgotten where I keep everything! Just a coincidence that it breaks and then vanishes as soon as Yahoo buy it I'm sure.

Also, there's a story going around that someone won a fortune on the Irish lottery with the Lost numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42, it's not quite true, but a close enough story is here1 - a month ago 5 of those numbers came up - if you'd done those numbers that week, you'd have won 341 Euros.

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