Blog2005 ≫ Santa Barbara

On leaving San Francisco and Monterey we went to Santa Barbara... This was a LONG drive, but quite a nice one. Where possible we stuck to Cal-1 the pacific coast highway, but we had to go back on route 101 for part of it. Tough call to make, Cal-1 is great, great views (when the weather was clear enough) and a nice gentle pace, but we had over 300 miles to do so some of it had to be on the freeway. For entertainment we mostly listened to Rush Limbaugh1 on medium wave radio, lots of stuff about Hurricane Katrina and who's fault all the aftermath mess was. Interesting stuff! We stopped a few times for pictures and to feed more squirrels too.

Santa Barbara is NICE! At first I thought it was a bit too commercial and artificial, but maybe this is what we wanted all along. Shopping was good (I bought a cool new bag from dakine.com2 and we got another series of Frasier) food was good (especially all the vege options at Natural Cafe, and we found a pub we liked too, The James Joyce3. This is where we learned the darts game cricket, though from searching there seems it's only called that in the Americas. We enjoyed it anyway, and have been playing it at home. So, we spent a good few days monging around Santa Barbara eating and drinking, the weather was better than on any bit of the trip so far, and I think we'd have liked to stay there for two weeks. Might have got a bit boring.

Are these write-ups getting shorter? Doesn't seem quite fair when this is the place we enjoyed the most... On to Los Angeles!

20k: Twenty kilometres, just over twelve miles.

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