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We're booking a HUGE table at Nicola's Portofino soon, so they've offered us a special set menu to make sure we all get fed at the same time... I don't usually post menus up here, as I don't have them, but I thought I would with this one, seeing as I have to send it someone. It gives you a taste of what they can make, though his is NOT their full range.

Starters Uova capricciose (egg mayonnaise topped with salmon and prawns) Prosciutto con melone (parma ham wit melon) Pennete al pesto com pomodorini (v) (pasta quills with basil and pinenut dressing and cherry tomatoes) Melone con lamponi (v) (melon fan with raspberry coulis Zuppa di verdure (v) (vegetable soup)

Mains Salmone al finocchietto (salmon with fennel butter) Sovrana di pollo alla crema e funghi (Breast of chicken with cream and mushroom sauce) Meaglioni di capriolo all fragola (oops, English translation lost, venison in strawberry sauce I think) Grilled sirloin steak, garnished with grilled mushrooms and tomato Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino (v) (spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and chilli pepper) Gnocchi di patate al pomodorino (v) (potato dumplings with tomato and basil sauce)

Plus dessert trolley

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