Blog2005 ≫ Someone spotted the pattern of Thursdays then

Every point of my journey through London was crawling with police today, nice one, I saw them ticketing someone for something at Cannon Street station too. Possibly not for suicide bombing though, it all appeared to be quite calm. Even the mountain bike cops1 appeared to be out in force. They look much handier than traditional police, and slightly more intimidating in their lycra shorts.

Might try walking to and from Cannon Street from now on. It ought to be do-able, and it'll save 50 quid a month on the travelcard. Only problem is it means Clare and I will get different trains from London and only meet up at Ashford. Oh yeah it's only a mile2, and it's a really simple route (even though that is driving directions).

Clare was very pleased with the painting I bought3. If you like it too you can buy a print of it, see for more.

💬 Pattern of Thursdays

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