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Didn't have serious problems getting home yesterday in the end, Central Line was running OK and just made my train with seconds to spare. Sat in A DIFFERENT PART OF THE TRAIN, as a commuter this is an unusual experience. I must have had someone's seat, and had the people who regularly sit in that carriage wondering if I was a suicide bomber... Likewise the people in our usual carriage would probably have been shedding a tear at mine and Clare's two empty seats, thinking the worst.

My take on yesterday's bomb attacks is it's copycat white supremacists, but blacked up. Another mate has the idea that the bombs failed to go off because MI5 interferred with the materials supply chain, but yet another mate has heard that this home made stuff would probably degrade quite fast and that's why they failed.

A night in front of the telly then. I was very pleased with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's Extras, I thought it might not be good. Bit of a dry start to it, and I'd heard in advance that there weren't many belly laughs in it, but I was cracked up after that. Ben "IT STILL COUNTS!" Stiller was ace as a caricature of himself, if indeed that's what it was. SURE BEN, you're not really like that all the time!

The bits that cracked me up mostly though were Ricky Gervais' trademark awkward embarrassing bits though. We weren't laughing at the man with the wonky leg, we were laughing at the other people not being able to cope with it. Also we were laughing at the racism, not at the racist jokes. It was a lot like Mind Your Language1 or Love Thy Neighbour1 in that respect. Or maybe that's going too far. The jokes and the language are "of the time" though, so maybe in years to come it won't be looked on as kindly. I understand ...2 Ricky and Stephen must be gutted about that.

Also it was exactly like The Office, what a rip-off - the main character even looked like David Brent. Oh why oh why, etc.

That must have put me in a chucklesome mood, I very much enjoyed Stephen Fry's Absolute Power and I even laughed at The Catherine Tate Show.

Chucklesome mood is now gone now there's been a SHOOTING at Stockwell and armed police are surrounding an East London Mosque. Are these not signs of London being back to normal though?

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