There's a couple of pages on the Prince Albert in that book

FG ≫ 2005 ≫ There's a couple of pages on the Prince Albert in that book

⬆️Rendezvous Street, Folkestone

More Tales From The Tap Room, I have it in front of me now, I won't reproduce it here though, you can get it in Ottakers. It dates from at least 1782, where it shows up on a survey, it was owned by the mayor's son and then run as a school before starting as a pub in 1841.

Ah, the building was actually replaced, in 1887. There are pictures of both the old and the new Prince Albert in the book. Seems to have been popular around 1990 as a bar called Bertie's too.

In one of these pictures you can see the Metronome next door, and that it's a bingo and social club called Rio. It was a cinema at some point.

If you find out any more about the place, please post it up here. I will check out your views online, we have quite a nice view across the town towards the Martello towers from our place in Earls Avenue.

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