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⬆️Whose network do I connect to on the train then?

so they're not the GLC and dont sing about your mother having a penis, but i like them and their second album is much better than the first.

i've been noticing that there's much better music about at the mo. top 5 albums on the jukebox have been:

  1. new idlewild album
  2. and you will know us by the trail of the dead
  3. skinnyman - council estate of the mind
  4. new stereophonics album
  5. new queens of the stoneage album.

no, it connects via mobile operator (check this1 out) - although ive been reading about wireless connectivity on tubes lately - tfl have asked for ideas on how to implement technology and how to make money out of it - heaven forbid they do anything off their own backs!


💬 oh right, but then I'd have to pay

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