Blog2005 ≫ The sound of sadness

WEIRD noises coming from out the back last night, someone banging pans possibly in Abney Park1? Heard it again this morning, and NO! It's one of our neighbours rattling a cat food tin and shouting out for their pet. This makes me sad! Please come home Spencer, please don't have been squished on the road or stolened by fur traders.

Got some more pictures uploaded, including this one I snapped from the bus the other day... it's another wacky Old Street Art Prank, but a great one. You can see the original poster, it's a TFL Needless Jam2 number, but someone's made a fab mosaic over the top of it, seemingly with pages cut out of magazines

It's on Kingsland Road where it becomes Shoreditch High Street, as I think I mentioned the other day. It's been there a few weeks, not sure how long it can last. Maybe this rain will wash it away?

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💬 A detail of that Needless Jam picture

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