Blog2005 ≫ First DVD rental hiccup

Disc three of Angel is completely failing to play, so what do we do now? Send it back and request another copy I suppose... this is expected by Amazon, so there's no charge and it won't count as one of our monthly rentals.

Going to implement Google's new preventing comment spam1 idea on these pages, will make no difference to viewers of the page, and it probably won't actually stop the odd messages I get left about chinese umbrellas and the like, but it's good to keep abreast of these things.

Got another text from Country Warmth the fireplace people, saying our scaffolding isn't up yet. Come on, give me something else REALLY annoying, these things ought to happen in threes...

UPDATE: That's it, Pret just put milk in my coffee and I didn't spot it until I got back...

💬 renting

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