Blog2005 ≫ It's so nice to have someone interested!

No objections to the scaffolding, I wrote a letter to the other people in the block, one of them passed it on to the chairman of the building, who lives next door. She emailed back to say no problem, and she'd used the same company to do her fireplace too. I met the scaffolder on Saturday, and to tie things in nicely we chatted about weddings... he's having 180 to his wedding and another 150 to the reception, which kind of dwarves ours. ANYWAY, cheers for the link, but the wedding plans are pretty far advanced now, and we have our own planner in Clare's mum.

Scaffolding should be up now, I wish there was a webcam pointing at the flat. Fireplace is being fitted tomorrow and I'm a bit nervous about how it'll turn out.

What you been up to then apart from getting free links for your friends websites? :-)

Also missing the Engadget podcast... I unsubscribed from all the others apart from Coverville1.

💬 well

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