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⬆️How you getting on with Bulldog DSL btw?

although i just have their 1mb service which is provided through bt...unfortunately even though i live in central london i live by an exchange which doesnt have their kit in, so i couldnt take advantage of their 4mb service. must say though, it is by far the BEST isp ive ever had. not had one outage. no complaints about the outrageous amount of bandwidth i use...last night i did a good 2.5gb. only thing that i wish they did was free pop3 email accounts but they cost still considering buying some webspace though...just a question of having the time to sit down, learn dreamweaver and get my site up and running. ive got some good ideas, really i just have to sit my arse down and do it. but do i do it at xmas or do i spend xmas playing the getaway - black monday ?? having played the first one i can confirm it;s awesome and the village streets have been replicated really accurately.


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