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Following my recent programming successes improving the PO (purchase order) system so it can be used by all of the companies in our group, and how it is acely searchable now, I'm going to expand the searching on this board, try and make it a bit more intelligent. Just posting this here to remind me for later. Also got to remember to find out what scumm is, it's a Pocket PC emulator I think, so we can run old PC games on the iPAQ.

Observation for the day: there are workmen outside our bedroom window, on scaffolding, doing something to the neighbours house... they've been there for days, how much did that cost I wonder? It's only a mini tower as it's only going up two floors, must be quite a difference. Still not got ours booked yet, waiting for C*ntry Warmth to call me back.

I am 35th Google result for podcasting right now, out of 97300, not bad as it's the hip new thing.

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