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It sounds like a good thing to me, but I can't extract anything more from it. IE if the town was based around a massive meat processing plant, it might be a generally unpopular place, making property cheap. But there might be a tiny minority who just LOVE the smell of meat processing, and want to live there, and luckily there are just enough houses for them, so it's 100% owner occupied.

Fareham is not a massive meat processing plant, that was just an example. It does seem to me to be the kind of place where people are born / grow up, and then they continue to live there, I think that's probably the common factor in all the towns in that chart1. Coincidentally, Fareham's in the tabloid news again today, some girl has been branded Britain's worst behaved after a humungous string of offenses. Nice! Still here's a more wholesome local tale from

Good morning btw, any sniff of new employment yet or are you leaving it all until after christmas?

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