Blog2004 ≫ RSS Enclosure malarkey

Trying to put enclosures in my RSS using XML::RSS, but no matter what I try to add, the enclosure is ignored...

%item = (
  'enclosure' => {
    'type' => '[text/html](/wiki/#html)',
    'length' => '877',
    'url' => ''
  'link' => '',
  'description' => 'Just trying to get a catalogue from',
  'pubDate' => 'Tue, 2 Nov [2004](/wiki/#2004) 13:41:33 GMT',
  'permaLink' => '',
  'title' => 'If you [blog](/wiki/#blog) it, they will come'
$[rss](/wiki/#rss)->add_item( %item );

The item's added every time, but the enclosure is ignored... are enclosures not supported in [RSS](/wiki/#rss) 2.0? It's driving me mad...


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