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This from the same mate who made the other recommendations:

I recommend you use the SPB Pocket Plus thing (which is what I think you said re battery meter etc). If the icons are too big and take up too much "today page" real estate you can change the size to small just by tap and hold. I also have a couple of nice themes which interact with Pocket plus in a nice way.

Tha Wisbar advance I like a lot it just takes the MS feel away. And you can get themes that completely change the today screen look. Well worth it.

Pocket RSS ... I find it very useful just to get the headlines. I used to have Journal Bar which does weather and news and stock and has not only does it have the headline but also a link to your browser with the article. The impact is longer sync'ing time and the weather side for the UK lately has not been working great. So I stopped using it.

Pocket Informant - This such a cool replacement for the inbuilt Diary / Todo / Contacts. It is now fast enough that I have bought the upgrade and have the key...

Websites I use: pocketpcthoughts.com1 pocketnow.com2 handango.com3 pocketgear.com4 pocketpcaddict.com5 infosync.no6

Cheers again Ro!

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