Blog2004 ≫ Gmail could not be found

Annoying problem today, can't get into my email from this computer... Usually on going to gmail.com1 or I get a brief flicker of "Redirecting to /gmail" and then I'm in... today I'm getting that brief flicker, then an alert of "gmail could not be found please check the name and try again"... wondered if it was some browser detection thing - I'm using an old version of Mozilla on Linux here, same as usual, as I can access it from a windows machine in the same building, though the other difference is it's inside the firewall and currently I'm out.

Using Lynx on this machine I get "Alert!: This client does not contain support for HTTPS URLs. lynx: Can't access startfile", but if I telnet to another machine and use Lynx I get to the site OK (though I can't actually check my mail)... so it's just this machine. What's up with me? Please be my friend...

I see this on the gmail main page though:

IFRAME: is that new?

💬 well gmail

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