Blog2004 ≫ Another day, another mouse

Found another mouse in our kitchen, alive again. This one looked a lot healthier, lessly wobbly and confused, but he still didn't make any effort to run away. Just look at this cute little feller. I put him out in the street and he scurried away, probably back to join the queue to enter our house.

They're not vicious, or malicious, but all that pooing in our cupboard is certainly not delovely or delicious either, not sure what to do. It seems like a cry for help from the mice, they're getting into this one cupboard where there is no food and seemingly no way back out for them, it's as if they want to get caught. They are the smackhead shoplifters of the mouse world, they realise their existence under the floor is futile, but they can't figure out how to break out, so they get into the cupboard and wait until I find them. "Oh look, here I am licking the labels of these tins I can't open" they're probably saying. "What are you going to do now, you can't ignore me, you have to deal with me, like when Cameron smashed up his dad's car". I want to move out and let the mice take over.

Generally a nice weekend, ate lots including lunch at Fresh and Wild. Safeway has stopped doing frozen vege-mince, so we have to head down Stoke Newington Church Street now to get our fix. Watched Cold Mountain1, a bit sad but OK. Surprisingly Renee Zellweger is the saviour of the piece, there wasn't a lot of actual acting from main man Jude Law, apart from the scene stealing of his grotesque animatronic beard. Watched another film too, I forget what, films are crap. It wasn't The Hole1 though, missed that. Am really getting into Band of Brothers1, kind of looking forward to the end so I can start it all over again.

In other updates it seems London By London is all OK, still awaiting my password reminder, or any email from them, hope I've not spam filtered them. Also after the trouble on Stoke Newington High Street, saw some sort of a raid on Manor Road too, it's all go round here. Mice, get out of town while you can!

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