Blog2004 ≫ Keira Knightley

It's been a while since I mentioned here, but the hits keep coming in, so YOU LUCKY LUCKY PEOPLE, here's some more content, courtesy of popbitch1! The good people of the board have been offered a chance to ask her a question, courtesy of someone called hands_free_car_kit. Mostly this has been used to question her age, like so:

  How old are you this week
  Let's see - you must have been over 18 when you were in The Hole, 'cos you got your tits out. That was released, what, 3 years ago? Would have been made a year before that? So are you really 19? Hm?

What a shocker, this English rose appearing naked on film! The news isn't all bad, said movie The Hole2 is back on sale on amazon for only 7.49 now, GET IN!

No more mentions of Keira Knightley from me for another few months, there's really no need.

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