Blog2004 ≫ Not feeling too bright today

Goldie Lookin' Chain were ace at Islington Academy last night, not a capacity crowd though and still not really a very good venue which is a shame. Still, cheers virginmobile.com1.

Saw John the White Rapper2 in support, I enjoyed him, anyone else seen him? GLC were on form I think, though it was all a bit beery. I seem to have ended up with a setlist, so I can tell you they probably played: "No Joke", "Suicide", "Shit To Me", "Mystikal", "Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do", "Roller Disco", "Half Man, Half Machine", "The Maggot", "21 Ounces", "Taxi", "Love Song", and finally "Your Mother's Got A Penis".

Hey, out of work at 4.30 today, I love football me!

💬 Goldie Lookin' Chain

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